Ruckus R500 Configuration

This article describes installation and configuration steps for standalone Ruckus R500 AP.

Configuring standalone Ruckus R500 AP with your Start Hotspot account - step by step instructions


Please reset access point to factory settings to avoid problems with some previous configuration.

Connect your computer directly to Ruckus R500 by network cable through one of the Ethernet ports.
Configure your computer with an IP and subnet mask
Go to browser and access to router configuration using default IP address
Ruckus R500 setup1
Press Enter to initiate the connection. When a security alert dialog box appears, click Proceed to (unsafe)
Ruckus R500 setup2
In the Ruckus Wireless Adminlogin page, enter the following:
Username: super
Password: sp-admin
Click Login button.
Ruckus R500 setup3

Firmware version

From Status :: Device section you can check the installed software version
If the version is older than 9.4, you must perform a software upgrade, since some of the features shown below are not available for previous versions.
Ruckus R500 setup4

Firmware upgrade

From Maintenance :: Upgrade section, you can upgrade the device firmware version by using 4 methods (TFTP, FTP, Web, Local).
Ruckus R500 setup12

Configuring Device

Go to Configuration :: Device section and click Update Settings button to save data.
Ruckus R500 setup5

Configuring Local Subnet

From Configuration :: Local Subnets section set the access point network details and the policies for the IP address assignment (such using DHCP server or not, and the IP addresses to assign to clients).

Click Update Settings button to apply changes.
Ruckus R500 setup6

Configuring Hotspot

From Configuration :: Hotspot section set parameters for the access point configuration.

Parameters for StartHotspot:

Redirect unauth. user to:
After user is authenticated: Redirect to the URL that the user is intended to visit
Primary RADIUS Server::
Secondary RADIUS Server:: RADIUS Server Secret: secret

Click Update Settings button to apply changes.
Ruckus R500 setup7
Click More Options: Edit Settings button.
From Configuration :: Hotspot :: More Options section set particular attributes to send to the RADIUS server.
NAS ID must be unique for all the devices in the network.

Click Update Settings button to apply changes.
Ruckus R500 setup8
Go back to Configuration :: Hotspot section and click Walled Garden: Edit Settings button.
From Configuration :: Hotspot :: Walled Garden section you can set the list of web sites allowed for unauthenticated end-users.

Click Update Settings button to apply changes.
Ruckus R500 setup9

Configuring Wireless network

From Configuration :: Radio 2.4G section, you have abitlity to configure wireless networks.
On Common tab configure the common settings shared between all the network managed by the device.

Click Update Settings button to apply changes.
Ruckus R500 setup10.1
On the other tabs of Configuration :: Radio 2.4G section, you can set all the networks to manage (each corresponding to an SSID).
The example below shows a network called "StartHotspot".
The Local Subnet and the Hotspot Service are those configured previously.

Click Update Settings button to apply changes.
Ruckus R500 setup10.1


Ruckus R500 hard-reset

Press and hold the button which says hard reset within a tiny circular hole for 10 to 12 seconds.
During the entire time you press and hold the hard reset button the device should not reboot, only once you release the button the AP should reboot, which means your factory reset procedure was correct.

Accessing the Ruckus R500 AP

Connect a laptop directly to the AP and make sure you assign a static IP on the local area connection in the range of 192.168.0.X,, Default gateway can be empty.
Check if you can do a continuous ping to the default IP of the AP which
If you are unable to ping check by swapping the Ethernet cables, PC or the ports in AP.
If you are able to ping but unable to access the GUI of AP, try using alternate browsers.

If you need help with configuration, please go to and contact our tech support. We'll be glad to help you.