Meraki - OpenWRT Firmware


Meraki Firmware Please select a model and download firmware. You have to match exact version to prevent issues

Configuring Meraki router with your Start Hotspot account - step by step instructions


Please reset router to factory settings to avoid problems with some previous configuration.

Connect your Windows based computer by network cable to the LAN port.
Set static IP address in 192.168.101, subnet mask and as gateway IP
Then set up a TFTP server on your machine.
Move the firmware file into the route directory set in the TFTP server.
During the next steps, we recommend disabling your WiFi card/adapter to help prevent IP issues.
Connect your Meraki PoE port to your laptop/computer via Ethernet from the PoE port.
Power on your Meraki while holding the reset button down, and keep it held down.
During this time, you should see the firmware pulled to the Access Point in the console.
After 30-45 seconds, all of the lights on the front should start blinking.
At this point, you can let go of reset.
After that you will need to reconnect LAN cable or to Disable/Enable NIC card in order to get new valid IP address in 192.168.45.x range from router.

Configuring parameters

Start your browser and in URL field type “http://router:8089”
In our example it is
Username : admin
Password : admin
Press Login button to access to Status tab.
On Status page you will see a MAC address of your OpenWRT router which will be used in the SignUp process.
After selecting your HotSpot name, select as HotSpot model OpenWRT, and add your MAC address from Status tab.
From Setup page configure your OpenWRT router.
Be sure that you set Autostart option. This option is not active by default.
When you finish with the settings press Save button on bottom of the page.

If you need help with configuration, please go to and contact our tech support. We'll be glad to help you.