Start Hotspot is the first choice for a WiFi Cloud system

The easiest cloud WiFi HotSpot software helps you create free WiFi, bill for Internet access, collect data and engage your customers.

Why Start HotSpot?

Start Hotspot Cloud system simplifies WiFi deployment while decreasing investment and operating costs. It’s built by professionals that created the most used Windows based HotSpot system over a decade ago. Relax, let us manage your WiFi, and engage your visitors.

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Ebrace new technology

Start Hotspot is a Cloud system that is providing customizable splash portal page, social media, powerful analytics
and powerful and first in the world Wi-Fi experience for tablets and phones.

Spread brand on Social networks

Perfect way to build a brand and to to improve customer loyalty

Price Plans and Billing

For small or a large ISP companies price plans are reuired and are only way for authorized access.

Each price plan can be defined with name, time, Bandwidth, Quota and expiration date, or on expiration from the first usage.

Remote locations

Create and manage routers in different cities or countries in a few simple clicks.

Each router can be used with a different customized welcome page, where one can be e.g. for a lobby, second for a restaurant, third for a pool, etc.

Powerful cloud-based analytics

Collect and analyze visitor behaviors,  improve customer engagement, understand your customers better and promote your brand.

Reports can be used for specific locatio, device / Mikrotik router or a  user. Handy option is to check entire year, month, specific date or an hour.

Rejected lgins may be used to see which person or account tried to connect and for which reason.

Sessions are used to check peak hours or even more important to see where you need to extend network. If on specific devices or locations there is higher number of devices, then this is indication to add another access point that will suport customers and avoid agreggation.