Customer Survey

Collect guest data, opinions and reviews

Customer Survey

Collect guest data, opinions and reviews

Customer Survey

Customer survey is a great tool for collecting guest data, opinions and reviews.

It provides valuable information which can be used for marketing purposes and improving your service.

A Survey is a questionnaire given to your customers to gather opinions.

If you want to know how good you are at doing your business, the best way is to ask your customers.

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WiFi Surveys

Your WiFi is the perfect channel to collect customer surveys. Advantages over classic check-out survey include:

  • Guest can choose suitable time to complete it
  • Resolve complaints that may not be told until checkout, when it’s too late
  • All data is consolidated into readable reports without paperwork
  • Follow up easily and ask guests to post reviews to TripAdvisor or

An innovative pro-active approach to collect customer surveys

  • Survey system collects guest opinions through your WiFi

  • Higher response rate than the industry standard

  • Real-time survey feedback helps staff resolve complaints

  • Integrate survey into splash page

Start Hotspot Survey blends into login screen so you can easily implement various types of logins:

– free access with a questionnaire
– username/password login with satisfaction questions
– review for hotel departments with rating stars

Splash page can be customized with logo, background and colors.