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Cloud APs

High-performance professional hardware at the cost of home APs

Professional APs running Start Hotspot Cloud WiFi software helps you easily build your WiFi networks

Start Hotspot APs are carefully selected access points with great performance, wide coverage and low cost, so you can easily build your network. Whether you are looking to improve WiFi in a small restaurant, or large Hotel, our APs are great fit.APs are preconfigured so you can just plug them into your existing network and connect.

Our Start Hotspot Cloud WiFi system takes care of the AP management, user logins, time and bandwidth limits, daily usage limits, and further enhance user experience with video ads, surveys, and more. Start controlling  your Guest WiFi network. It’s that easy!


  • Cloud AP 110
  • Email marketing,
  • POE adapter
  • 1 year subscription 
  • Preconfigured Plug and Play

Great access point for hotels, restaurants, offices and public WiFi. CAP 110 has top performance and 40% lower cost than competitors. It does not require server, complete management is in the cloud.  Minimum order 3 APs, shipping cost is not included.

Start Hotspot Cloud APs

Start Hotspot CAP110

Indoor / 802.11N / 2.4GHz / 300M
  • 2.4GHz, compliant to 802.11b/g/n
  • Maximum RF output 27dBm
  • Built-in 5dbi high gain antenna

  • 802.3af POE
  • Concurrent users 64+

PRICE: $33

Start Hotspot CAP 4200

11ac-Wave2 / 1200M / 2*2 MU-MIMO

  • 2.4&5.8GHz Dual band, 802.11ac wave2
  • Maximum RF output 27dBm
  • Built-in 5dbi high gain antenna
  • 802.3at PoE power supply
  • Concurrent users 100+

PRICE: $69

Start Hotspot IAP110

Wall Plate / 802.11n / 300M / Dual LAN

  • 2.4GHz, Compliant to 802.11b/g/n
  • Maximum RF output 20dBm
  • 2*FE
  • 802.3af&at
  • Concurrent users 30+

PRICE: $21

• Warranty 12 months

• Discounts for 10+

• Contact for delivery costs

PoE Adapters

Power over Ethernet Adapters


PoE Switch-P16G

16 port 10/100/1000 Mbps Switch

  • Full Gigabit Rackmount Switch with 16-port PoE
  • IEEE 802.3af/at compliant PDs
  • Power Supply:350W with UL Power Adapter
  • Standard 19-iQLh rack-mountable steel case

PRICE: $169

Special time-limited offer

Get White-label branding free of charge with every yearly subscription for 10+ APs.


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