Cafe Bar WiFi

Intelligent marketing WiFi system for satisfied customers and better ranking


Cafe Bar WiFi

Intelligent marketing WiFi system for satisfied customers and better ranking


Cafe Bar WiFi

Start Hotspot WiFi system provides you with both advanced WiFi network control and a reliable connection with all the guests.

It enables you to deliver video commercials and automatically sends special offers at defined time intervals, which leads to an increase in revenues from your services.

A customer can give consent to receive intermittently emails containing discounts, coupons and the offers of your partners for advertising purposes.

The system gathers data and surveys with feedback on customer satisfaction, complaints and comments that may be answered personally.

How Cafe Bar WiFi works?

When your guest connecting to WiFi, a welcome page automatically translated into a guest language pops up on a device.

You can easily customize the welcome page by setting the logo, background, colors and the ways in which your guests can access the Internet.

There is a possibility to include various features: free Internet, faster paid Internet, email and customer data collection, the access granted on entering room number and name, the access via social network accounts or having seen video commercials.

Cafe Bar WiFi Feaures


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Learn how to deliver video commercials, collect email and user data, automatically send special offers at defined time intervals and increase your revenues.

WiFi Marketing

Start HotSpot WiFi system enables you to set one or multiple video advertisements that will rotate each time acustomer  connects to the Internet.

Having watched a video advertisement, a customer will be offered to connect to the Internet and visit the web page with a special offer.

Video advertisements can be created for individual products, brands or current sales promotions, implying discounts, coupons etc. which can be used immediately at your Cafe Bar.

WiFi Tickets App

WiFi Tickets App helps you print tickets for your guests, visitors, and users to connect to your WiFi network.

Easily create multiple tickets in one go or reprint the last ticket if you are providing multi-device or family access.

Hotels and airports may easily scan passport and create a ticket.

WiFi Tickets App is available for selected Android printers and Android phones.


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