Email marketing campaigns

Automatically send information and promotional email campaigns

Email marketing campaigns

Automatically send information and promotional email campaigns

Email marketing

Email marketing campaigns enable you to send information and promotional emails to your guests.

Those campaigns can be sent when necessary, if you want to inform your guests about the novelties, or automatically according to a previously defined schedule which includes initial connection, inactivity or on a guest’s day of birth.

After successfully signing in to the WiFi network, the system can send a welcome email to the user with basic information about your enterprise.

After a couple of days, you can send an email with special offers, promotions or discounts.

Email Campaigns

  • Set a time interval for the Email campaign delivery

  • Configure Email reminders and send them automatically

  • Target customers on specific WiFi location

  • Create a follow-up email with using predefined email templates

Integrated Email Editor

You can prepare  emails, insert images, text, links and other features using the integrated editor.

The campaigns can be sent to your target guests immediately, or at a specified delivery time.

Video Ad Campaigns

Start Hotspot can display location-based video ads or fully-featured campaigns that target customers by age, gender and interest.

Having seen a video advertisement, a guest will be offered to connect to the Internet and visit the web page with a special offer.

Put a latest promotion, offer discounts, collect guest surveys or display coupon to be redeemed at retail store.


  • Upsell with minimal effort

  • Showcase latest products

  • Provide incentives and discounts

  • Create rewards or points program

  • Collect surveys and opinions

  • Send specials based on their interests

  • Increase after-the-sale activity


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