Enterprise WiFi System

Build Cloud WiFi with your own brand, on your own servers

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Enterprise WiFi System

Build Cloud WiFi with your own brand, on your own servers

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Enterprise WiFi System

ENTERPRISE WIFI SYSTEM is a platform for Cloud WiFi user management that can be deployed on your server or Virtual Machines. It consists of Captive portal, AAA Radius, database, Virtual Controller server, and builds up an Intelligent WiFi system.

Enterprise WiFi Solution will be deployed on servers hosted and managed in your company, or in a cloud environment dedicated exclusively to your business.

 Enterprise for 50 APs / Locations

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  $2990 Yearly

 Enterprise for 100+ APs / Locations

Scalable Enterprise system
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Developed and supported by industry professionals since 2006


ENTERPRISE WIFI SYSTEM allows businesses (like an ISP) to run their own cloud-based system with all the features needed for successful customer management without worrying about technology changes.

We’ll install a complete system on your server(s) or data center Virtual Machine(s) and maintain it. The system is scalable and can be expanded in multiple servers to increase the number of Access Points and simultaneous users connected.


Resell complete ENTERPRISE WIFI SOLUTION to your customers, configured with their branding, desired splash page methods, pre-loaded samples (user accounts, video ads, surveys), account hierarchy levels (system admins, billing dept, front desk, location admins).

The system can be deployed in one or multiple VM, located in the cloud, or their data center.

Earn repeated commissions with every yearly subscription without additional efforts.

Reduced Resources

If your company has a complex network implementation, stringent security needs, or sensitive data Enterprise Cloud WiFi is a perfect solution for you.

Increased Flexibility

Enterprise Cloud WiFi implementation on hosted servers is essential for some companies, especially those that prefer to have more control over costs and IT infrastructure.


Deploy the industry-leading HSIA system built by professionals from 2006 and used by world-leading hospitality brands.

Install ENTERPRISE WIFI SYSTEM in your hotel, resort, or hotel chain.

Achieve roaming between all hotel locations with a single customer account.

System supports all major hardware manufacturers and network equipment installed in your hospitality locations.



Provide WiFi access within your organization while keeping all customer data secure in your own servers and network.

Data will not leave your network, which usually happens with all cloud wifi providers.

Configure backup methods standardized in the organization to additionally protect from data loss.


Enterprise WiFi System

• Easy onboarding of new customers
• Assign licenses to each customer and control their access and limits
• Whitelabel so you can resell at your own price and under your own brand
• Locally hosted in server or dedicated VM
• Remotely monitor and control access points loaded with HotspotOS
• Easy WiFi roaming for customers when multiple APs are installed
• Low latency time
• Yearly cost for 50 APs – $2990
• Resell with a 100%-150% margin
• Expand to the larger license when you reach 100 APs
• HotspotOS (access point operating system) can be branded with your name and logo.
• Order Access Points preloaded with branded HotspotOS, for a full branded experience.
• Onboard new customers easily just by connecting APs in their premises.

ENTERPRISE CONTROLLER helps to connect various access points into an intelligent WiFi network. Virtual integrated controller manages user roaming and access points operations to ensure contstant uptime for all devices.

It provides centralized device management, WiFi network control, access methods settings, guest accounts updates, extraordinary analytics and reports, easy network expansion.

System provides both advanced WiFi Access Point network control and a reliable connection with all users. Track your customer’s behaviors, analyze the demographics and habits of your clients, display location-based ads or fully-featured Email marketing campaigns that target customers by age, gender, and interest.


Enterprise WiFi Features

• WiFi Management
• Manage bandwidth, download and upload
• Roaming
• Autologin
• Multi-login
• Verification via SMS and Email
• Video Ads before login
• E-Mail marketing
• Accept credit cards
• Social login authentication
• Splash pages with multiple login methods
• URL redirects to URL, page or profile
• Contact permissions (GDPR)
• Email Campaigns with scheduled sending
• Splash pages with multiple login methods
• Mobile payments
• Send SMS
• Promote brands
• Session Logs
• Targeted video campaigns by age / gender
• Surveys for splash pages and Emails
• Multilanguage with autotranslation
• User level limits
Web Filtering
• Automation and API
• Custom multilanguage terms of use
• Define price for time usage
• 50 major Internet Payment gateways
• Secure automated payment process
• Aggregated Reports
• Technology Reports
• Network Usage Reports
• User Reports
• Visit Reports
• Session Logs
• Data export via CSV and PDF
• Identify customers based on devices details
• Webhooks – deliver data to other applications
• Survey
• Reviews on TripAdvisor
• Welcome Email
• Define price for time usage
• Limit Internet access speeds
• Remind a customer
• Hotel PMS Integration
• Campaign reports
• NPS surveys
• Integrate with a CRM


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How it works?

Upon accessing your WiFi network, the guest is automatically redirected to your WiFi self-branded login page.

You can easily customize the welcome page by setting the logo and background and the ways in which your guests can access the Internet. They may select the preferred connection method, like user/login, access-code login, free trial access or social login and start using WiFi.

Once logged-in, they may be redirected to view desired website or info page. Each connected device is limited with download and upload speed, available bandwidth transfer, time to use your service, so you can ensure excellent WiFi experience for all your guests. Enterprise WiFi software will control the session duration, speed and bandwidth, and optionally collect your guest e-mail, name, address, for your safety and info marketing activity.

Login Methods

Voucher Login
Guests will be able to Signup with voucher code and create refills for existing accounts by themselves

Create marketing campaigns to display Videos, Image ads, or Coupons with different promotions.

Free Access
Offer WiFi guests option to connect with custom Collect data, with Survey and login trough Social networks

Social Login
Connect clients trough Social network and get verified details and e-mail address in the system

Multi Login
Spash page with combination of : one time password, Social access, Free Access, or a Voucher code

SMS Login
Enable fast access with verification from a mobile phone, providing SMS message to the same number

Hotel PMS
Automated integration with a Hotel system will grant seamles login for a guest with room number and a name

Create multiple videos and set time for customer to watch. Each new login will provide new promotion.

Contact Permission
Collecting customer details with contact permission is in compliance with GDPR regulation

Free and Paid
Enable free limited access for x minutes, with option for paid access trough a few internet plans

WiFi Tickets App

WiFi Tickets App helps you print tickets for your guests, visitors, and users to connect to your WiFi network.

Easily create multiple tickets in one go or reprint the last ticket if you are providing multi-device or family access.

Hotels and airports may easily scan passport and create a ticket.

WiFi Tickets App is available for selected Android printers and Android phones.


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