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WiFi Video Ads

Engage guests with video or image ads and provide free WiFi

WiFi Ads

Engage your guests with video or image ads and provide complimentary free WiFi.

Location-based ads are among the best engagement motivators with high conversion rate.

Start Hotspot WiFi marketing solution helps you create ads and play it on the guest device connected to Wi-Fi.

After watching a guest may go online or visit special offer, complete registration form or take an action you desire.

Video for Access

Offer free Wi-Fi access in exchange for ad watching.

A minimum watching duration can be specified, after which the guest may skip video and proceed to the landing page which contains special offer, registration or just a welcome note.

Those who are not interested can simply continue and enjoy complimentary WiFi.

You’ll get detailed stats and analytics who and when watched video, total impressions and clicks and compile reports for your advertisers.

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  • Location based video ads counts for the best engagement motivators with high conversion rate.

  • Promote brands and monetize by offering ads for access.

  • Nearly 70% users would watch ads in exchange for free Wi-Fi.

Promo Image for Access

Easily create image ads and announcements that will be displayed on the Splash page.

Put a latest promotion, display coupon to be redeemed at retail store, offer discounts and invite guests to complete survey or just get more info.


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