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WiFi Locations

Attract guests in unique ways and increase your revenue

WiFi Locations

Each WiFi location or business venue may have different branding and Internet access limits.

WiFi location may engage your guests in unique ways and increase your revenue.

Depending on venue size, WiFi location may have single or multiple routers / access points that all share same settings and branding.

Learn how to create WiFi Location

Start Hotspot software helps you create different splash pages with logo, background and colors for each loation.

Collect user data on one location, bill high-speed access for another, or display video ads for Internet access.

Engage users and collect surveys – so that you can learn about wishes and issues and react on it real-time.

In the resort, lobby guests can be greeted with the welcome page of complimentary free WiFi.

From the rooms, guests can login with a room number and name.

In your SPA, offer discount on massages.

At the restaurant, promote your wines.

Conference users may login with shared access password.

Cloud or On-Premise

Best of Both Worlds

In-use by major hotel chains for more than a decade, our Hotel WiFi solution is the only high-performace Windows based solution available. We are the only company that can offer both Cloud WiFi and On-Premise Server based Hotspot solution worldwide.


  • Cloud platform managed by us

  • No initial hardware cost (except routers)

  • Subscription (monthly payment)

  • Controls any connected router

  • Worldwide deployment, easily scalable

  • Hardware: Routers with Radius support

  • Centralized management and updates

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  • Your server running software

  • Server required with 2 network cards

  • One time payment

  • Controls connected network (like hotel)

  • Each network requires separate server

  • Hardware: Any access-point

  • Exclusive on-premise private use

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