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Automate hotspot billing of your WiFi service and keep 100% of the profits .

Accept credit cards, integrate with PMS, create Users,  Login Codes and Refills.

If the guest needs high speed access, desired Internet plan should be selected and optionally paid with a credit card.

With Hotel PMS integration, hotel may grant premium access to selected users, or add plan cost to the guest room.

Create Highly Flexible User Accounts

Easily create and print single or bulk user accounts, login codes and refills.

Assign an Internet plan, insert how many accounts you want to generate, select the desired type, optionally configure expiration date…

It’s that simple!

WiFi Billing includes several account types.

User / Pass– Customers register for an username and password, payment is done up front. A customer then can use the account until time and/or bandwidth quota run out. The account can be refilled with quota and/or time using a refill.

Login code – This type of account works exactly like a User / Pass account, except it uses alfanumeric code instead of username and password.

Refills – Refills are used to add more time or bandwidth quota to an already existing user account. Customers can also use refill to login, which is automatically converted into a full featured account.

Administrator or employee is able to modify any of the settings before generating accounts.

If you want to create a user account with random Username, as Type select Autogenerate.

To set Prefix and Sufix on the user account, select Configurable.

You can set fixed username or login code using Fixed code option.

Password is generated randomly for all types.

Also, you have the ability to manually update properties like download and upload rate, available time and bandwidth quota, expiration date, autologin and many more options.



Detailed analytics will tell you who your customers really are. Get demographics like age, gender, location and extended stats like loyalty.

Visitor stats are split into multiple reports, which include loyalty, top users, timeslots, repeating and first time visitors, gender and age breakdowns.

Collected surveys will give you real-time information about good and bad – that should be taken care of before it escalates.

With date range filter you can profile your visitors with ease, learn usage habits and prepare workable marketing activities.

Payment gateway

Payment gateway feature allows you to automate Signup process from Splash page.

Visitors who are willing to use your services can sign up for username and password, choose an Internet plan and pay with their credit card.

An account is created and the customer can browse the Internet.  You will not need staff to sell tickets.

Click for a list of supported payment gateways.

Payment Gateways supported by Start Hotspot Cloud WiFi

Authorize.NET AIM

PayPal Checkout

eProcessing Transparent Database Engine

GoRealTime (Full-pass)

Intellipay ExpertLink

iTransact RediCharge HTML

NetBilling DirectMode

Verisign PayFlow Pro

USA ePay CGI Transaction Gateway

Plug ‘n Pay

Planet Payment iPay




Bank of America eStores (Form Post)

Innovative Gateway (PHP)

Merchant Anywhere (Transaction Central)



3 Delta Systems (3DSI) EC-Linx

TrustCommerce API


PayFuse XML


Paymentech Orbital Gateway V4.3


Moneris eSelect Plus Canada

uSight Gateway Post-Auth

Fast Transact VeloCT (Direct Mode)

NetworkMerchants Direct-Post API

Ogone DirectLink

TransFirst Transaction Central Classic (formerly PRIGate)

Optimal Payments / FirePay Direct Payment Protocol

Merchant Partners (Transaction Engine)


First Data Global Gateway (Linkpoint)

ACH Payments AGI

Payments Gateway AGI

Cyber Source SOAP API

eWay XML API (Australia)

goEmerchant XML

TransFirst eLink

Chase Merchant Services (Linkpoint)

PSIGate XML Interface

Thompson Merchant Services NexCommerce (iTransact mode)

WorldPay Select Junior Invisible

TransFirst Transaction Central



PayJunction Trinity Gateway

SECPay (United Kingdom) API Solution

Payment Express PXPost

Elavon/NOVA/My Virtual Merchant

Sage Payment Solutions (Bankcard HTTPS Post protocol)

SecurePay (Script API/COM Object Interface)

Moneris eSelect Plus USA

Beanstream Process Transaction API

Verifi Direct-Post API

SagePay Direct (Previously Protx)

Merchant E-Solutions Payment Gateway (Trident API)

PayLeap Web Services API

PayPoint.net (Previously SECPay) API Solution

Worldpay XML (Direct/Invisible)

ProPay Merchant Services API

Intuit QuickBooks Merchant Services (QBMS)

Heartland POS Gateway

Litle Online Gateway

BrainTree DirectPost (Server-to-Server) Gateway

JetPay Gateway

Sterling XML Gateway

Landmark Flat File HTTPS Post


BluePay 2.0 Post

Adyen API Payments

Barclay XML API

PayTrace Payment Gateway

YKC Gateway

Cyberbit Gateway

GoToBilling Gateway

TransNational Bankcard




ACH Federal

Global Iris (HSBC)

Global Iris (HSBC)

Global Iris (HSBC)

Global Iris (HSBC)

BPoint Gateway

PayGate (PayHost) Gateway

Information listed here may change without notice

Please contact desired payment gateway to check supported countries and terms to obtain merchant account.

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