Enterprise WiFi Solution

Design your own personalized Cloud WiFi, running on your own servers

Enterprise WiFi Solution

Design your own personalized Cloud WiFi, running on your own servers

Enterprise WiFi Solution

The ENTERPRISE WIFI SOLUTION serves as a WiFi user management platform, deployable on either your server or Virtual Machines.

Our solution includes a Captive portal, AAA Radius, database, Virtual Controller server, and creates an intelligent WiFi system.

Enterprise WiFi Solution will be deployed on your local servers, or on Virtual Machines hosted and managed within your company.

 Enterprise for 50 APs / Locations

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  $2990 Yearly

 Enterprise for 100+ APs / Locations

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Scalable Enterprise solution – for 100+ locations please contact us

Enterprise WiFi Solution is suitable for :

Hotel chains •
City WiFi – Municipal Wireless •
Metro stations •
Airports •
Educational facilities •

• Internet Service Providers – ISP
• Bus stations
• Taxi companies
• Governments
Restaurants on multiple locations


$2990 Yearly

100 APs / 100 LOCATIONS

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• Easy WiFi roaming for customers
• Assign licenses to each customer and control their access and limits
• Easy onboarding of new customers
• Whitelabel so you can resell at your own price and under your own brand
• Locally hosted in server or dedicated VM
• Remotely monitor and control access points loaded with HotspotOS
• Low latency time
• Scalability
• Yearly cost for 50 APs – $2990 , which equals to $4.9 /AP monthy or $59 /AP yearly
• Resell at $150 per year with 150% margin
• Upgrade to the larger license when you reach 50 APs, with difference in a price
• HotspotOS (access point operating system) can be branded with your name and logo.
• Order Access Points preloaded with branded HotspotOS, for a full branded experience.
• Onboard new customers easily just by connecting APs in their premises.
• Control domains in 90 groups trough Web Filtering software.


Store data on your local server to adhere to legal requirements and government regulations.

Empower end-users to oversee their consent and personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation. The Enterprise Cloud WiFi solution, featuring various contact templates, facilitates the collection of details in compliance with GDPR and allows the utilization of such information for marketing purposes.

The On-Premise server solution ensures low latency in your WiFi network and provides a much faster response compared to connecting to a Cloud server.

We handle the entire setup, offer training, and handle maintenance tasks, allowing you to focus on sales with peace of mind.

Enterprise WiFi Solution Features

• WiFi Management
• Manage bandwidth, download and upload
• Roaming
• Autologin
• Multi-login
• Verification via SMS and Email
• Video Ads before login
• E-Mail marketing
• Accept credit cards
• Social login authentication
• Splash pages with multiple login methods
• URL redirects to URL, page or profile
• Contact permissions (GDPR)
• Email Campaigns with scheduled sending
• Splash pages with multiple login methods
• Mobile payments
• Send SMS
• Promote brands
• Session Logs
• Targeted video campaigns by age / gender
• Surveys for splash pages and Emails
• Multilanguage with autotranslation
• User level limits
Web Filtering
• Automation and API
• Custom multilanguage terms of use
• Define price for time usage
• 50 major Internet Payment gateways
• Secure automated payment process
• Aggregated Reports
• Technology Reports
• Network Usage Reports
• User Reports
• Visit Reports
• Session Logs
• Data export via CSV and PDF
• Identify customers based on devices details
• Webhooks – deliver data to other applications
• Survey
• Reviews on TripAdvisor
• Welcome Email
• Define price for time usage
• Limit Internet access speeds
• Remind a customer
• Hotel PMS Integration
• Campaign reports
• NPS surveys
• Integrate with a CRM


Developed and supported by industry professionals since 2006


The ENTERPRISE WIFI SOLUTION empowers Internet Service Providers to operate their own cloud-based infrastructure, equipped with essential features for effective customer management, free from concerns about technological shifts.

We will set up a full system on your servers or data center VMs and handle ongoing maintenance.

This WiFi software solution is designed to scale seamlessly, allowing expansion across multiple servers to enhance the capacity for WiFi locations, Access Points, and concurrent connected users.


Implement the industry-leading HSIA system solution, specializing in hotel WiFi, crafted by professionals since 2006 and trusted by world-leading hospitality brands.

Integrate the ENTERPRISE WIFI SOLUTION, a cloud WiFi Hotspot solution, into your hotel, resort, or hotel chain to optimize the hotel WiFi Hotspot system and reduce costs associated with WiFi management.

Enable seamless roaming for guests across all hotel locations using a single customer account, enhancing the overall hotel WiFi experience.

The Enterprise WiFi Solution is compatible with hardware from all major manufacturers, ensuring seamless integration with the network equipment installed in your hospitality locations.



Offer secure WiFi access within your organization through cutting-edge cloud WiFi Hotspot solution.

Ensure the confidentiality of customer data by maintaining it securely within your own servers and network infrastructure.

Unlike typical cloud WiFi providers, our solution guarantees that data remains within your network, enhancing privacy and security.

Implement standardized backup methods within the organization to provide an additional layer of protection against potential data loss.



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